Social Studies


Dear Students & Parents,

Well, things are changing really fast. For the time being we will be meeting and learning remotely. I plan to use Google Classroom to post the stuff you need to stay on top of your learning. This is new for everyone but I have no doubt we can make it work and I'm always right. Below I will explain how I plan to use Google Classroom and how I expect you to use it during your time learning from home. Before I get into specifics just a quick thought...

We've studied many topics in American history when "We the People" have faced hardships. Each and every time we've stepped up and came through better and stronger than when the hardship began. Whether it was the Great Depression, World Wars, diseases, natural disasters, etc. these times of difficulty have always been met head on and overcome. Think about some of our lessons, specifically, the World War Two/Great Depression Era. That generation, "The Greatest Generation", had not one but two crises that each had the potential to destroy our country. As we know, everyone stepped up and worked together and got through it. Was it easy? No way. Had they sat back and not remained driven, imagine how different our country, our lives, and the world would be today. Now it's our turn.

We've often asked what we would've done had we been alive back during some of these times. Now is the chance to find out. Are we going to sit back and complain about how hard it is to learn online? Are going to whine about the changes that are being implemented to keep everyone safe? Or, are we going to step up and make this work and maybe when this crisis is taught in school many years from now people will remember how this generation came together during this hardship and got us through it better and stronger? I am confident we are going to make this work and all of you are going to step up and take control of your learning so this unexpected disruption doesn't prevent you from achieving your future goals. Again, I'm never wrong!

I will be online every day while we are physically not in session. (Maybe not on the weekends but you never know). You should log in to all of the Google Classrooms for all of your subjects every day. I will be posting work, questions, discussion, etc. Read what I ask you to read. Watch the videos I ask you to watch. Follow any instructions that are posted. You have to put in the effort. This is NOT a vacation. This is a necessary change in how education is being delivered. Never before has it been more important for you to take control of your education. You have an opportunity to step up and be the "Next Greatest Generation" don't mess this up. You are living through history that will be taught in the future. How do you want history to remember your generation?

Reach out to me if you need help. Do not hesitate to e-mail me if you have questions, need assistance, or you just miss the incredible wisdom I impart on a daily basis.

I am using my DOE email to keep in contact with the DOE and parents. If you need to contact me use the e-mail I created for homework and questions.

I, like all of your teachers, am here for you to help you navigate these confusing times. Use us as much as you need. A lot of your remote learning is going to be your responsibility and you need to give it 100% of your effort. We are here to help as much as possible but we cannot be there to hold your hand and make you care about your education. That's on you. You can do it.

Remember Thomas Paine's words from "The Crisis".

"These are the times that try men's souls". Ask yourself are you a sunshine patriot or a winter soldier? Are you going to complain and give up or will you "Suck it up, Buttercup" and do everything you can to make this work? Remember, history is watching.

Follow the link to Google Classrooms and make sure you can access your class.

Also, in order to maintain a line of communication please make sure I have updated e-mail addresses. Click here.

Keep in touch and stay driven,

Lord Dr. Westcott

Updated March 17, 2020