Year at a Glance


Here is a glimpse of what we will learning this year in each grade. 

7th Grade

Unit 1: Colonies/American Revolution
We will explore the colonies that developed in North America and how geography impacted their economies, labor systems, and ways of life. We will also explore the various conflicts that arose between the colonies and England that eventually led to the Declaration of Independence and revolution. 

Unit 2: A New Nation/US Constitution
After analyzing the weaknesses of the Articles of Confederation as a form of government we will explore the drafting and ratification of the US Constitution.  We will learn about the limits placed on government and the protection of individual rights included in the Constitution. 

Unit 3: A Nation Grows/US Expansionism
How did the US grow to its current size? What were the causes and effects of such expansion? Who benefitted and who faced hardship because of Manifest Destiny? 

Unit 4: A Nation Divided
We will explore sectionalism and the disagreements and division that resulted. We will analyze the various compromises related to slavery and the eventual Civil War that ensued.

Unit 5: Reconstruction
How do we rebuild a country divided by civil war? What steps did the government take to ensure "equal protection of the law" ? We will analyze the various methods used by the Jim Crow South to undermine Reconstruction efforts and the legacy of such actions. 

8th Grade

Unit 1: A Changing Society/Progressive Era
We will explore the rise of industry in America in the decades following the Civil War. The growth of cities, immigration, and the unchecked rise of big businesses will also be examined. Additionally, we will explore the problems associated with this rapid industrialization and the actions taken by individuals, groups, and governments to counter the negative effects of rapid growth. 

Unit 2: US as Expansionist Nation & WW1
Together we will analyze America's expanding role in world affairs including the rise of  American Imperialism. We will also explore America's role in the First World War and its aftermath. 

Unit 3: The US Between the Wars
In the year between WW1 and WW2 a lot happened. The Roaring 20's, Great Depression, and The New Deal will be examined. 

Unit 4: US assumes worldwide responsibilities
America's entry into World War 2 and the three fronts of the war (Europe, Japan, and The Homefront) will be analyzed and discussed.

Unit 5: WW2 to the Present
The Cold War between the US and USSR that began immediately after WW2 as well as the various conflicts that arose as a consequence will be examined. The Civil Rights Movement will also be explored in-depth. Current events and issues will also be examined in the context of US History.