Flag Tie Bonus

Bonus Points

Watch for my American Flag tie. When I am wearing it that means that something important happened in American history on that day. The first student that correctly tells me why I am wearing the tie will win an extra bonus point. Each extra point can be redeemed for a missing current events homework.

Note: You cannot simply point out that I am wearing the tie. You have to correctly identify the important historical event that occurred on that day.

Flag Tie Days 2019-2020 with Winners

September 9 - USA Name Day - On this day in 1776 Congress officially adopts the name The United States of American replacing the term United Colonies. Winner = Timothy F.

September 17 - Constitution Day - On this day in 1787 the delegates to the Constitutional Convention officially signed the greatest single document in history, The US Constitution. Winner = Angelina

September 25 - Central High School Integrated - On this day the Little Rock Nine, nine extraordinarily brave black students entered the all white Central High School for their first full day of classes. Winner = Caera

October 18 - Col. John Glover Day - On this day in 1776 Col. John Glover and his Marblehead Mariners saved Gen. Washington, the entire army, and the United States of America (for the second time) during the Battle of Pell's Point in The Bronx. Winner = Patricio

October 29 - Black Friday - On this day, in 1929, the Stock Market crashed which started the chain reaction that ultimately led to the Great Depression. Winner = Amar

November 19 - Gettysburg Address - On this day in 1863 at the dedication of the National Cemetery at Gettysburg President Lincoln delivered the Gettysburg Address. Winner = Amar

November 22 - JFK Assassination - On this day in 1963 President John F Kennedy was shot and killed by Lee Harvey Oswald. Winner = Emma

November 25 - Evacuation Day - On this day in 1783 the last British soldiers in America left NYC. Winner = Rocky

December 16 - Boston Tea Party - On this day in 1773, to protest the British tax on tea the Sons of Liberty dumped 342 chests of tea into Boston Harbor. Winner = Robert H.

January 30 - Col. John Glover R.I.P - On this day in 1797 Col. John Glover, greatest American hero, died at the age of 64. Winner = Emma

March 5 - Boston Massacre - On this day in 1770 British soldiers fired into a crowd of civilians in what has become known as the Boston Massacre. Winner = Robert H.