Flag Tie Bonus

Bonus Points

Watch for my American Flag tie. When I am wearing it that means that something important happened in American history on that day. The first student that correctly tells me why I am wearing the tie will win an extra bonus point. Each extra point can be redeemed for a missing current events homework.

Note: You cannot simply point out that I am wearing the tie. You have to correctly identify the important historical event that occurred on that day.

Flag Tie Days 2019-2020 with Winners

September 9 - USA Name Day - On this day in 1776 Congress officially adopts the name The United States of American replacing the term United Colonies. Winner = Timothy F.

September 17 - Constitution Day - On this day in 1787 the delegates to the Constitutional Convention officially signed the greatest single document in history, The US Constitution. Winner = Angelina

September 25 - Central High School Integrated - On this day the Little Rock Nine, nine extraordinarily brave black students entered the all white Central High School for their first full day of classes. Winner = Caera