Grading Policy

70% - Tests, Essays, and other assessments

20% - Classwork

10% - Homework



Tests, Quizzes, DBQs, and Essays that are identified specifically as assessments will all count toward the Assessment component of the final grade. Students will be given advanced notice of all assessments so they can adequately prepare


Participation/engagement in class discussions, Exit Slips, Quick Writes, Group Activities and other lesson activities will all be assessed and count toward the Classwork grade.


For every lesson, students are expected to copy at least the date and Aim of the lesson. Notes will be presented along with class discussions. Students will decide what notes they need to copy. However, there will be occasions when there will be notes that must be copied.

Exit Slips, Stop and Jots, and Quick Writes will be written in their notebooks and these are NOT optional and will count toward the Classwork grade.

Late Assignments

  • Homework and other assignments will be accepted, even if turned in after the designated date with some conditions.
  • Students will receive an initial score of zero (0) for an assignment or assessment on which he/she made no attempt or which is missing, unless the student was absent on the day the assignment was due. If an assignment was not submitted on the due date because of an absence It will be due when the student returns to school.
  • Credit for late work shall be awarded according to the following guidelines:
    • If the student was present in class on the due date, the work will be penalized 20% each school day it is late..
    • Assignments that are over five days late will not receive any credit.
    • If the student was not present in class on the due date because of an excused absence, full credit will be given for the completed work;


Any work that is plagiarized will result in a grade of 0.

For the first plagiarism offense a meeting with guidance, the teacher and the student will take place. The parent/guardian will be notified and it will be expected that the assignment be redone; however, the highest value to be earned after plagiarism is a 74.

If there are subsequent offenses of plagiarism there will be a meeting with the parent/guardian and the assignment will receive a 0.

Finally, any situation involving cheating will result in a mark of zero (0).