Submit Your Work

How Do I Submit My Work?

There are multiple ways that you can submit your work to me. I MUST have your work by the due date in order for you to receive full credit. Late work will be accepted but penalized 20% per school day (See Late Policy). It is your responsibility to make sure I have your work. If you wait until the last minute and run into technical difficulties your work will be considered late.

Choose the option to submit your assignments that works best for you.

OPTION 1: Hand in a Physical Copy

Write it on loose leaf paper or type it and print it out and then hand it to me or put it in my collection box on or before the due date.

OPTION 2: E-Mail it to me

Due to the overwhelming submissions of homework via the e-mail method I created a separate e-mail address for homework assignments. From now on please submit homework only to the following e-mail address.


OPTION 3: Share with Google Docs

If you are using your PS 19 Google Doc account ( then you can share it with my PS 19 Google Doc account. Click the button on your work to share and add my account. It is

If you are using your own personal Google Docs account share the document and add my account. It is

OPTION 4: Google Classroom

You won't be handing in current events homework via Google Classroom, however, essays, writing pieces, and some classwork will be submitted via Google Classroom. Visit the Google Classroom page of this website to find your Google Class and class code in case you need to log in from home. Click here to visit the Google Classroom page